A Month of Remembrance

I maintain my ancestor shrine but also a large shrine to the military dead. Honoring them is a core part of my practice. With November right around the corner, things get rather intense for me: this month is right smack in the middle of two powerful holy tides: Winternights (all about the ancestors) and Yule (which is very Odinic), it’s a month I strongly associate with Odin, Veterans Day falls the second weekend, and my late father — also a Veteran of two wars with forty plus years of military service–has a birthday Nov. 1. It tends to be an extremely intense month. I often feel that intensity beginning to build in October and right on cue, I got thrown deeply into ancestor practice with the military dead this past weekend.

This is a powerful time of remembrance. This year, 2014 is the 100th anniversary of WWI, a war that I think is too often forgotten about in light of the horrors of WWII, a war that devastated an entire generation. I believe it is our duty to remember, as it was theirs to fight and often die. This isn’t about whether or not we agree with the reasons a war was fought, it’s about honoring the men and women who suffered and sacrificed, in terror and blood, piss and shit and all the awful, unspeakable experiences of war, who came home never quite the same again, or who didn’t come home at all.

I”ll be doing that throughout the month of november here on my blog. Every day I will be posting something in remembrance. Because I’m living in the US, it may seem that my focus is on American Veterans and military dead but that is not only the case. I honor the military dead, period. I encourage readers to send me their tributes to their own military dead. I’ll happily share them here.

In the meantime,

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  1. I’ve heard that the book “The War that Ended Peace” by Margaret MacMillan is a very good book about WWI. It discusses the various people that helped hasten the war. A must read for history lovers.


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