No One is Free Until Everyone is Free

The title of this post is a quote by anti-slavery activist V. Pandik. I found it on the website for Lifeway Network, an organization dedicated not only to ending human trafficking but to providing safe shelter to women fleeing such abuse. I stumbled upon them while I was doing some leisure reading. One of the books I’ve been ploughing through the last couple of days, mentioned an activist nun, a bad-ass woman Sister Joan Dawber. Her ministry involves helping to free women who have been sold into slavery—and in NYC alone, recent estimates point to upwards of twelve thousand people, mostly women who are survivors of human trafficking. That’s only those who have survived. It doesn’t take into account those who are living in degrading, painful, abusive, humiliating, and dehumanizing conditions against their will now.

I was moved intensely by reading about some of the things Sister Dawber had encountered, and by the sheer terrifying statistics of human trafficking. I checked out the website and decided to donate to them (and i may look into becoming more involved in other ways too). I wanted to post the info and link here for others who may be so moved. It really brought home again, something that I know in theory, but have the luxury and privilege of not dwelling on daily: slavery is in no way a thing of the past.

Anyway, here is the info:

Lifeway Network.  (Donations are probably tax deductible).

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  1. It’s really shocking to run into this in unexpected places. One of the tests I get paid to proctor had to totally rewrite their admissions rules because traffickers were using it to “legitimize” women smuggled into the country as slaves. I’ve since learned that the traffickers have switched to another, similar test to avoid the new rules. Thankfully, that test might merge with the first. Sadly, it won’t happen fast enough.


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