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Beyond the God-Phone

Another important article by Dver, talking about levels of “signal clarity”…very much worth reading.

A Forest Door

For several years now in various spirit-work communities, the term “god-phone” has been used as short-hand slang for the ability to hear the gods and speak back to them in return. A full explanation and examination of the term can be found here. I think it’s a useful metaphor, for the most part, and it fairly well describes the experience of what is probably the most common level of divine contact for spirit-workers. You are able to talk back and forth, in real time, with the gods or spirits, using a generally reliable connection that allows for understanding on both ends, and can be initiated by either party (although, to extend the metaphor, you might get no answer, or a busy signal, at times). Of course, many things will affect this connection and the ensuing “signal clarity” and it’s not as if you can always pick up the phone any time…

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February for Manannan – February 27

The final Manannan card by Grace Palmer is now available for pre-order. I am offering this one for free through Beltane, in honor of Him.

manannan3 2x4

Goddess: Medeinė (Baltic Deity)

I’m quite taken with this Lithuanian Goddess. I’m going to commission a prayer card for Her!

Prayer Cards in need of Sponsors

As promised, here is the list of cards that currently need sponsors (both to pay the artist and to print):

1. Gerda, wife of Frey (needs a sponsor for the artist )

2. Manannan #3 (partially sponsored)

I’ve just commissioned the Gerda, so it will not be done for a bit, but the Manannan should be finished soon, maybe by next week. Additionally, soon to be forthcoming are Juno Sospites (fully sponsored), and Demeter (fully sponsored).

In progress cards (some need sponsoring, some don’t but none of them are expected to be finished right away): Frey, Diana Nemorensis, Artemis, Hathor, Isis, Anubis, Rosmerta, Nanna, Freya, Jupiter, Antinous, and Mars. (there are more, but this is a brief cross-section of the cards on order or in progress.

Don’t see your Deity listed? Contact me and let’s talk.

March Projects and “Stuff”

In addition to holding the Minerva and Apollo agon jointly with Lykeia (folks can send me their submissions now — I just won’t post them until March 1), I also have a couple of personal project starting in March. I want to share them here, partly because this is my blog and where I talk about such things and partly because I’d be very interested in hearing from others who have done a similar project as I”m thinking about with the Norse Healing Goddesses.

We have a number of Healing Deities in Heathenry. The most well-known is Eir, named by Snorri as Divine physician. Looking through the lore, there is also Mengloth, and a number of much lesser known Deities that I tend to refer to as the healing retinue. I have very little devotional relationship with any of Them. That’s something that over the next year or so, I would like to change.

So, to do that, I intend to take one Deity a month, starting with Eir and research Her, make offerings, develop a prayer and devotional practice to Her and work hard to start incorporating the veneration of an entire group of little reverenced Deities into my regular cultus. I’m open to wherever this might lead. I know that this has been done with Frigga and Her retinue, but I”m very curious if anyone has done this with the healing retinue.

At any rate, I’ll probably be talking about this on and off and as I work through this process. I’ll share some of the relevant pieces here as i go.

I am still fundraising for my prayer card project (thank you to everyone, a huge thank you, who stepped up to donate money, art, and to sponsor cards, as well as to those of you who purchased some of the Sigyn devotional cards. it’s been a huge help!).

i still have quite a few 5×7 of the Sigyn cards left for purchase. once they’re gone, they’re gone. I will not be printing this size again. All the money goes toward more prayer cards. This month, I’m putting another card up for sale, also 5×7. I have a small stash of devotional cards for Eir. They are also $10/each and perfect for framing or for an altar. All proceeds will go toward the creation of more prayer cards (paying the artists, paying printing costs). Please contact me at krasskova at if you are interested in purchasing one of these (or any of the other cards).


This is a 5×7 card of Eir by Grace Palmer. Size: 5×7, price: $10.

I still welcome sponsorship of cards. I will do a separate post shortly explaining which cards are up next and which still need sponsors.

New Prayer Card Available for Pre-Order: Ceres by Halldora


February for Manannan – February 26

Thank you to  Sparrow for offering this ritual in honor of Manannan as part of the February for Manannan project.

Paying the Rents Ritual for Manannán mac Lir

by Sparrow

(Please note: I’m a solitary lay person and am still new to creating rituals. Please adjust this ritual to what you think Manannán mac Lir would like and to suit your situation (i.e. solitary or group ritual, etc).)

While watching the Youtube video Manannan – Paying the Rents at Midsummer by GaolNaofa, I was really struck by the importance of the Paying the Rents ritual that the people of the Isle of Man perform for Manannán mac Lir. Manannán mac Lir is the patron and protector of the Isle of Man. In return for Manannán’s care, He asks the Manx to “pay the rents” to Him with offerings of rushes on Mid Summer’s Eve. The Manx climb to the top of South Barrule Hill to make offerings of rushes with prayers of blessings and thanks. Gaelic polytheists also make offerings of rushes to Manannán at Midsummer’s Eve. This ritual shows the importance of offerings. We give offerings to the Gods for Their continued protection and blessings. Regardless of what tradition we follow, we can all perform the Paying the Rents ritual to Manannán.
When the ritual is to take place:  Mid summer’s Eve

Where the ritual should take place: Ideally, at the ocean. If you don’t live by an ocean, you can do the ritual at a river or a lake.

What Is Required:

Good Irish whiskey
Whatever other offerings you think Manannán mac Lir would like
Wear a piece of jewellery with the triskelion (it is Manannán’s symbol) on it.
If you’re a musician, bring your instrument

The Ritual:

At the ocean, river or lake, first ground and center. Then create your sacred space (e.g. cast a circle, etc.). The say the following prayer:

“Oh, great Manannán mac Lir, God of the sea, please hear my prayer. Today Your people, the Manx, are paying the rents to You. They are on top of South Barrule Hill offering you rushes and prayers of blessings and thanks. Today I too am paying the rents. Today I am offering you rushes, flowers, and Irish whiskey (and say any other offerings you have for Manannán). Please accept these simple offerings. Thank you for the many blessings in my life. Thank you for Your beautiful ocean with all Your children in it. May I become a protector of Your ocean and of Your children. Thank you for protecting the fishermen and sea travellers of Eire and the Isle of Man. Thank you for being the guide and guardian of Gaelic polytheists. They are trying to restore Your worship and the worship of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Please guide them well. And, thank you for the return of Your statue. The thieves cannot tarnish Your glory and steal away my love for You. May the statue never be stolen again!”

Put the rushes and flowers in the ocean/river/lake. Then pour the Irish whiskey into the
ocean/river/lake and put any other offerings you have in the ocean/river/lake.

Then sing or say the Manx traditional song “C’raad ta’n Ree?” (Where is the King?) If you’re a musician, play your instrument. (A link to lyrics for the song is given below)

NOTE: Manannán is said to be a great harpist. Since He is a musician, He may be offended by bad singing. If you’re a bad singer (like me), read out loud the song. Also, if you are brave, sing/say the song in Manx instead of English. I think Manannán would appreciate it.

Then say more prayers and poems to Manannán. Close the ritual by saying:

“Oh, great Manannán mac Lir, God of the sea, today I have paid the rents. May You be pleased with my offerings. Please continue to protect the people of the Isle of Man and Eire. Hail Manannán mac Lir! May You always be praised!


Youtube video Manannan – Paying the Rents at Midsummer by GaolNaofa.

Lyrics for the song C’raad ta’n Ree? (Where is the King?)


This blog responds to my concept of a Deity-centered polytheism in a thoughtful and thought-provoking way. I particularly like the tree/branches metaphor. I think it’s quite a useful way of looking at what is tremendously nuanced and multi-faceted.

N. Haney notes up front that he is not Deity-centric in his practice and goes on to explain why. That explanation alone is worth reading. Some people are called to be more focused on ancestors or land spirits and one of the balancing acts of spiritual life, I believe, is finding a way to do that which doesn’t dismiss or ignore or denigrate the Holy Powers, but keeps Them on the map, an acknowledged part of that metaphorical tree.

This is a really good piece and it’s given me a lot of food for thought. I need to let that percolate for a bit and see where it takes me.

The Thought Forge

So this is my 100th post on this blog… Woohoo!

I am really hesitant to weigh in on this one, let me put that out there. It is really entangled with a lot of other topics, and untangling them can be hard. But I honestly feel I have something constructive to add of to this conversation.

First off, to come clean on my biases. I consider myself to be an animist first, and a polytheist by proxy. I believe in spirits as real independent persons, with their own wills, personalities and agendas. I believe they vary greatly in power and influence, from high gods, down to the smallest local spirits. I consider myself amongst the northern sphere of communities, though “heathen” is of course up for debate.

I am among the non-Deity-centric folks. Now, I will tell you why.

As I have discussed before, gods are not center to my…

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Agon for Minerva and Apollo – March 1 – 31, 2015

I had intended to put this off till the summer, but I’ve recently been inspired by a friend’s artwork and I’ve decided to run it now. Last year, when I did some House and personal divination for the year, it came up that in some way, shape, or form, it would be good to hold an agon for Minerva. I”m a Latinist, and while I’m Heathen, I do often ask for Her blessings as I study, so perhaps it is not too surprising. I rather consider the Greek and Roman Gods to be guardians of the very languages in which my studies are rooted.

I didn’t have any relationship with Minerva until this past year as my Latin work deepened (and got more difficult!), but when She stepped forward to offer assistance, I didn’t hesitate to take Her up on it. I need all the help I can get! lol. Then, as I was preparing this post, I started to get an almost overwhelming feeling that Apollo needed to be included too. So, I did what any good polytheist would do: I contacted a mantis (diviner) and had divination done to confirm how this agon ought to be held. As you can see, it is for Both of Them. This is not surprising, since They (and Hermes) are the three Deities that I honor specifically as a Classicist. Apollo had just a few months ago indicated that I should petition Him before study sessions (this came up in a rather extensive divination session I had done) and Hermes is well, awesome. (He may yet get His own Agon later in the year).  I find it amusing. When I first started studying Classics, I asked Odin in prayer, “So, you’ll help me with the languages right?” It’s not my strong suit. I got a very strong, amused response, confirmed by several omens ‘you better start making friends with the Greek and Roman Gods of language and learning.”  So I have done my best. Anyway, this is my small way of saying thank you to two of Them.

EDIT: Lykeia and I are joining forces in this. She has been holding an Agon for Apollo too so we’re going to collaborate. This means more prizes. lol

So from March 1 – 31, i will be accepting submissions to this Agon. It is open to poetry, prayers, recipes (incense, oils), essays, and art work.

At 9pm EST on March 31st, i will put all the names of contributors in a bowl and set it on Their shrine (I have a small one in my office). I will make offerings. When divination shows that it is the appropriate time, I’ll petition Both Deities to make Their choice and draw a name from the bowl and that will be the winner.

There are prizes!

The winner will receive an 8×8 (I think we decided on 8×8–i will double check the size) mounted photo, of this image, by noted Hudson Valley artist Mary Ann Glass. It’s of the Pantheon in Rome. The winner will also receive a small statue of Apollon hand made by Lykeia (picture will be available soon).


The winner will also receive five of the Minerva prayer cards and five Apollo prayer cards. There are two, so the winner may choose which Apollo image:( Minerva by Grace Palmer, ) Apollo by Grace Palmer, or Apollon Karneios by Lykeia. (All contributors, at the end of the ago will receive one card of their choice from those three). The cards are shown in the order listed above here:



Apollon KarneiosThe SECOND place winner, will receive a copy of Lykeia’s book “Names of Apollon” and five prayer cards of his/her choice.

Those interested in submitting material in honor of Minerva or Apollo should contact me at krassova at Also, please feel free to pass this on to whomever might be interested.

(as a side note, I am still accepting donations for the prayer card project. donations can be paypaled to tamyris at If you are interested in sponsoring a card, or donating art, please contact me at krasskova at and we’ll work out the details. I’m also selling 5×7 devotional cards of Sigyn for $10, the proceeds of which go toward more  prayer cards. Check it out).

What It Means to Place the Gods First

Sarenth Odinsson adds his thoughts to my latest theological piece, drawing on his experience as a Heathen parent.

Sarenth Odinsson

Having read Galina Krasskova’s recent piece at, I have to say, when people like her or myself say “The Gods come first” that does not mean that family disappears as a priority.

As head of my little Heathen household, what it means when I say “The Gods come first” is that They are the first consideration when decisions are made, when efforts are undertaken, and around whom the placement of our lives is made.  Do we ask the Gods every time we do something small, like “Oh Odin, what shall I eat today?”  No.  What it means is that when we do sit down to eat, we pray to the Gods, Ancestors, spirits, the beings we are consuming (both animal and plant) and on behalf of all of those who brought the food to us.  It means that we recognize our hamingja as a family is tied into…

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