Manannan Statue Found!

I was going to save this for tomorrow but I can’t wait! The Manannan statue has been found!

Read the story here.


Now may the perpetrators of this crime be found, preferably dashed up dead on the beach by the fury of His waves.

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  2. Better news I could not have hoped for.


  3. No details yet on where it was found. The thieves could have buried it, or dumped it in the ocean…really, the odds were against it ever being found.

    …we have our miracles, too.


  4. That’s awesome news! ^_^


  5. Finally! Some good news!


  6. Some might say that your malediction could have read ‘…dashed up dead on the beach by the fury of HER waves’! Manannan has a complex theology – is he a sun god or a sea god? The sun travel over and goes into the sea in the west. In the Isle of Man(nan) it sets on top of a mountain called South Barrule, known as Cashtal Manannan – Manannan’s Castle. In Irish myth, the rivers are feminine and merge to create the sea. The sea might be considered Manannan’s spouse…


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