February for Manannan – February 22

The BBC has issued further updates on the Manannan statue, which has been found. Apparently there was some damage, including to the head. The impression I get from the article is that the vandals tried to hack the head off. There is nothing remotely polite that I can say about that. I hope they get what’s coming to them. Hopefully the sculpture will be able to repair the statue. It does look like the majority of it is intact and undamaged, at least from the picture included with the article.

Anyway, the update may be read here.

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  1. Good news that it wasn’t utterly destroyed. Maybe a proper bronze could be cast if money were raised through crowdfunding? The problem is, militant religious bigotry is a historic problem in the north of Ireland, as is metal theft. He’d be safer on the Isle of Man, I think.

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