This kind of bullying is not appropriate in our communities. Bravo, Rhyd, for calling it out!

Rhyd Wildermuth


Do not be pressed into fear
By the pushing of spears.

–Lorna Smithers, The Bull of Conflict


“People cannot rule themselves.  They need someone to tell them what to do.  They’re too stupid.”

Crimson and night the colors about me as I speak to the king.  I can see his staff, his scepter a bit too heavy, tilted in his hand, weighted like a mace, weighted like his words.

I cannot believe the words I’m hearing.  They do not fit the demeanor of the regent, the lauded generosity, even his self-stated Anarchism.

I want to challenge him, but I’m losing my nerve, my arm tired from the blows, my mind spinning, my eyes darting about for an ally.

But I’m here alone, sitting before a vision of seductive human power while he details a glorious vision of the future, and we’re at war.

It’s funny, you know.  I’m no…

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