February for Manannan – February 26

Thank you to  Sparrow for offering this ritual in honor of Manannan as part of the February for Manannan project.

Paying the Rents Ritual for Manannán mac Lir

by Sparrow

(Please note: I’m a solitary lay person and am still new to creating rituals. Please adjust this ritual to what you think Manannán mac Lir would like and to suit your situation (i.e. solitary or group ritual, etc).)

While watching the Youtube video Manannan – Paying the Rents at Midsummer by GaolNaofa, I was really struck by the importance of the Paying the Rents ritual that the people of the Isle of Man perform for Manannán mac Lir. Manannán mac Lir is the patron and protector of the Isle of Man. In return for Manannán’s care, He asks the Manx to “pay the rents” to Him with offerings of rushes on Mid Summer’s Eve. The Manx climb to the top of South Barrule Hill to make offerings of rushes with prayers of blessings and thanks. Gaelic polytheists also make offerings of rushes to Manannán at Midsummer’s Eve. This ritual shows the importance of offerings. We give offerings to the Gods for Their continued protection and blessings. Regardless of what tradition we follow, we can all perform the Paying the Rents ritual to Manannán.
When the ritual is to take place:  Mid summer’s Eve

Where the ritual should take place: Ideally, at the ocean. If you don’t live by an ocean, you can do the ritual at a river or a lake.

What Is Required:

Good Irish whiskey
Whatever other offerings you think Manannán mac Lir would like
Wear a piece of jewellery with the triskelion (it is Manannán’s symbol) on it.
If you’re a musician, bring your instrument

The Ritual:

At the ocean, river or lake, first ground and center. Then create your sacred space (e.g. cast a circle, etc.). The say the following prayer:

“Oh, great Manannán mac Lir, God of the sea, please hear my prayer. Today Your people, the Manx, are paying the rents to You. They are on top of South Barrule Hill offering you rushes and prayers of blessings and thanks. Today I too am paying the rents. Today I am offering you rushes, flowers, and Irish whiskey (and say any other offerings you have for Manannán). Please accept these simple offerings. Thank you for the many blessings in my life. Thank you for Your beautiful ocean with all Your children in it. May I become a protector of Your ocean and of Your children. Thank you for protecting the fishermen and sea travellers of Eire and the Isle of Man. Thank you for being the guide and guardian of Gaelic polytheists. They are trying to restore Your worship and the worship of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Please guide them well. And, thank you for the return of Your statue. The thieves cannot tarnish Your glory and steal away my love for You. May the statue never be stolen again!”

Put the rushes and flowers in the ocean/river/lake. Then pour the Irish whiskey into the
ocean/river/lake and put any other offerings you have in the ocean/river/lake.

Then sing or say the Manx traditional song “C’raad ta’n Ree?” (Where is the King?) If you’re a musician, play your instrument. (A link to lyrics for the song is given below)

NOTE: Manannán is said to be a great harpist. Since He is a musician, He may be offended by bad singing. If you’re a bad singer (like me), read out loud the song. Also, if you are brave, sing/say the song in Manx instead of English. I think Manannán would appreciate it.

Then say more prayers and poems to Manannán. Close the ritual by saying:

“Oh, great Manannán mac Lir, God of the sea, today I have paid the rents. May You be pleased with my offerings. Please continue to protect the people of the Isle of Man and Eire. Hail Manannán mac Lir! May You always be praised!


Youtube video Manannan – Paying the Rents at Midsummer by GaolNaofa.

Lyrics for the song C’raad ta’n Ree? (Where is the King?)

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