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In addition to holding the Minerva and Apollo agon jointly with Lykeia (folks can send me their submissions now — I just won’t post them until March 1), I also have a couple of personal project starting in March. I want to share them here, partly because this is my blog and where I talk about such things and partly because I’d be very interested in hearing from others who have done a similar project as I”m thinking about with the Norse Healing Goddesses.

We have a number of Healing Deities in Heathenry. The most well-known is Eir, named by Snorri as Divine physician. Looking through the lore, there is also Mengloth, and a number of much lesser known Deities that I tend to refer to as the healing retinue. I have very little devotional relationship with any of Them. That’s something that over the next year or so, I would like to change.

So, to do that, I intend to take one Deity a month, starting with Eir and research Her, make offerings, develop a prayer and devotional practice to Her and work hard to start incorporating the veneration of an entire group of little reverenced Deities into my regular cultus. I’m open to wherever this might lead. I know that this has been done with Frigga and Her retinue, but I”m very curious if anyone has done this with the healing retinue.

At any rate, I’ll probably be talking about this on and off and as I work through this process. I’ll share some of the relevant pieces here as i go.

I am still fundraising for my prayer card project (thank you to everyone, a huge thank you, who stepped up to donate money, art, and to sponsor cards, as well as to those of you who purchased some of the Sigyn devotional cards. it’s been a huge help!).

i still have quite a few 5×7 of the Sigyn cards left for purchase. once they’re gone, they’re gone. I will not be printing this size again. All the money goes toward more prayer cards. This month, I’m putting another card up for sale, also 5×7. I have a small stash of devotional cards for Eir. They are also $10/each and perfect for framing or for an altar. All proceeds will go toward the creation of more prayer cards (paying the artists, paying printing costs). Please contact me at krasskova at if you are interested in purchasing one of these (or any of the other cards).


This is a 5×7 card of Eir by Grace Palmer. Size: 5×7, price: $10.

I still welcome sponsorship of cards. I will do a separate post shortly explaining which cards are up next and which still need sponsors.


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Free-range tribalist Heathen, Galina Krasskova, has been a priest of Odin and Loki since the early nineties. Originally ordained in the Fellowship of Isis in 1995, Ms. Krasskova also attended the oldest interfaith seminary in the U.S.- the New Seminary where she was ordained in 2000 and where she later worked as Dean of Second Year Students for the Academic year of 2011-2012. She has even given the opening prayer at the United Nations Conference “Women and Indigeny”. Beyond this, she took vows as a Heathen gythia in 1996 and again in 2004, She is the head of Comitatus pilae cruentae and a member of the Starry Bull tradition. She has been a member of numerous groups through the years including the American Academy of Religion. She has also served previously as a state government contracted expert on the Asatru faith, and been a regular contributor to various print and online publications geared towards modern pagans and polytheists, and for a time had her own radio program: Wyrd Ways Radio Live. Ms. Krasskova holds diplomas from The New Seminary (2000), a B.A. in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Religious Studies from Empire State College (2007), and an M.A. in Religious Studies from New York University (2009). She has completed extensive graduate coursework in Classics (2010-2016) and is pursuing a Masters in Medieval Studies at Fordham University (expected graduation 2019) with the intention of eventually doing a PhD in theology. She has also been teaching University classes in Greek and Latin. As part of her academic career Ms. Krasskova has written a number of academic articles, and also presented at various academic conferences including Harvard University, Claremont University, Fordham University, Ohio State University, Western Michigan University, Villanova University, and the City University of New York. An experienced diviner and ordeal master, her primary interest is in devotional work and the reconstruction of Northern Tradition shamanism. Her very first book, The Whisperings of Woden was the landmark first devotional text to be written in modern Heathenry. Ms. Krasskova has a variety of published books available running the gamut from introductory texts on the Northern Tradition, as well as books on shamanism, runes, prayer, and devotional practices. She is also the managing editor of “Walking the Worlds,” a peer-reviewed academic style journal focusing on contemporary polytheism and spirit work and the first journal of polytheology. While very busy with teaching and school, she does also occasionally lecture around the country on topics of interest to contemporary Heathenry and polytheisms. A passionate supporter of the arts Ms. Krasskova enjoys going to the opera, theater, and ballet. Her affection for the arts began early as she discovered dance, which she pursued professionally becoming a ballet dancer: first with a regional company in Maryland, then in New York City. After suffering career ending injuries, she would find new forms of expression in the visual arts. For a few years Ms. Krasskova co-owned an art gallery in the Hudson River Valley of New York, and over a course of numerous years she has studied a multitude of art mediums: glassblowing, watercolor, acrylic, photography and more! She is now an avid collage artist, acrylic painter and watercolorist and has even enjoyed placement in international artist-in-residencies programs in New York, New Mexico, and Poland. Her work has been exhibited globally from New York to Paris. She has taken her passion for the arts and polytheistic devotion, to create the Prayer Card Project. Since so much religious iconography has been destroyed, or defaced in the course of human history, she is actively making new religious prayers and iconography available to the various modern polytheistic communities to support those who are building their religious communities, building their devotional practices, and hungering for art that represents their religious faith. All while also supporting the artists within these burgeoning communities.

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  1. I really, really like this. I think it’s a wonderful idea! And I’m sure They’ll appreciate it too. Maybe I should try that with one of the Baltic deities, Medeine. No one really knows about Her or venerates Her; even Baltic reconstructionists (the Romuva) do not include Her in their immediate pantheon despite the fact that historical documents written by Christians who came into Lithuania highly respected her, and recognized her presence as one of THE top goddesses in the Lithuanian polytheist tradition.

    I really look forward to reading more about this! I think it’s a great way to connect with Them and get to know Them (as well as for Them to know you). Keep us posted! 🙂


    • I would be *fascinated* to learn more about Medeine. I didn’t know anything of Her (and I’m half Lithuanian so I rather feel I should! lol). If you do end up doing this with Her, please, please feel free to share your insights here. Or let me know the link to your blog.


      • She is truly fantastic. Last year (around November) She kinda swept in when I was having some trouble with the Goddess. I think in retrospect, She saw that I had some sort of power with words, and I was urged to find information on Her, since I did some research and realized that many who are into Baltic polytheism had NO clue about her existence. So it was my honor to write about Her and inform others. I’ve actually written about Her in one of my blog posts! Here is the link:

        I’m not as good a writer as you, Galina, but it certainly has some really cool info!

        I’ve never worked with Her, but I absolutely LOVE her. She sort of disappeared after I published that same post on a website called The Cauldron (a post that was well-received). I was nervous to try to establish something with Her again just because She left so abruptly after that. If you connect with Her, I would also love to hear your experiences with Her!


      • I am going to save this and read it this weekend. Thank you! It’s funny, I have so far, no calling to any of the Lithuanian Deities, despite being half Lithuanian. From that line I have certain taboos and obligations with respect to fire, and cooking of all things, esp. cooking for the dead. I’m looking forward to reading this piece.


      • I hope it’s good enough. Maybe I’ll give it a little reworking soon. But there is a serious dearth of information on Baltic deities. I’m very happy that you’ll commission a piece for her! I would love to fund it. Anything to have Her known to the world.


      • Oh and I forgot to add: it’s funny how life works sometimes! I’m of Cuban heritage, with Sephardic Jew, Spanish, and French. And yet I work with a Celtic deity and find a connection with Medeine. Surprises surprises. Have a beautiful weekend, and thank you for helping to give Her attention! I really think She deserves it.


  2. I love what you are doing to do with the healing Goddesses and look forward to reading it. Right now I work with Eir whom I learned about through you. I will e-mail you, I am interested in the 5X7 of her to add to my healing altar.


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