Really Disappointed with Wild Hunt Piece

I’m really not happy with the Wild Hunt’s reporting today. I just read this article on “Canaanite Religion.” After reading it and almost throwing up at the reference to all gods being emanations of yahweh (not so polytheistic there, I think), I just had to sit back and ponder. There is so much wrong with this piece I”m not even sure where to begin.

Firstly, let’s call a spade a spade, as a colleague of mine with whom I discussed this quipped. This article isn’t about the practice of Canaanite polytheism, it’s really about “Israelite Revivalist Monist-Panentheism.” Let’s not pretend otherwise. I”m deeply disturbed that this is allowed to pass for polytheism unquestioned. Monism is deeply destructive to any polytheistic tradition. It’s a slow, corrosive poison that reduces veneration of our Gods to a type of weak monotheism. We see it way too much and while it’s something to guard against in and of itself in any polytheistic tradition, I think it’s even more important to do so with Canaanite religion. Our monotheisms sprang from the same soil and co opted and corrupted many of the original practices of this tradition. To be clean at the very least, one should be vigilant.

Secondly, and what I actually find more disturbing is that the author of this piece effectively does her best to excise the work of Canaanite polytheist Tess Dawson from the religious landscape. Tess has been working toward the restoration of this tradition for well over a decade and has single-handedly been responsible for jump starting the veneration of these Deities in modern cultus. If one is going to talk about Canaanite polytheism, her not inconsequential contributions should at least be mentioned (all the more so since she’s actually a polytheist unlike the person interviewed). Her books can be found here and here. Her blog may be found here.

As with any of our polytheistic traditions, presenting Canaanite religion as a monolithic entity is both inaccurate and misleading. Anything claiming ‘all is one,” or that “all gods are emanations of another’ is not polytheism. While i’m told that this is a series highlighting Pagan and Polytheistic practices in the south, I expect better research and a more accurate distinction of what is and is not polytheistic.


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  1. I have yet to get The Wild Hunt in my e-mail today. This is just so incredibly stupid I can barely see straight. Why the hell didn’t they go to Tess in the First Place? OH! I forgot. They don’t have a list of the real people to ask. Even after The Anomalous Thracian’s article they STILL show their deliberate ignorance and smash pies in our faces whenever they get a chance. I am really, really annoyed with “those people” right now. Right now I’m visualizing Goya’s painting of the Spanish guerillas being shot by the French soldiers during the Peninsular War (“those people” being the victims). Just how many times will it take for them to learn ANYTHING?

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  2. More and more lately I’m seeing things that are so stupid that it is almost physically painful for me. That particular article is one of them. Monism and Pantheism seems to be infecting nearly every kind of Polytheism and it’s revolting.

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  3. I haven’t read it yet, but that is a real shame :/

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  4. Yes, very disappointing…

    That both Natib Qadish and Am-Ha’Aretz are mentioned in the article is at least a plus; but that the person they interviewed has been doing this thing he described for THREE WHOLE YEARS (as compared to Tess’ 12+, I think, and AMHA’s several decades) kind of demonstrates that this is a Johnny-Come-Lately thing by an innovator who, for whatever reason, has decided spelling the main Hebrew god’s name in a slightly different way and saying it’s the ground of all being is somehow an improvement on what Tess, EliSheva, and others are doing…which, if he wants to do that, go frickin’ ahead…

    But to call it polytheism really strains credulity. Cara should really be ashamed of having let that slip by in her writing without question.

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  5. druishbuddhist

    I’m still new here, so bear with me: Is the issue monists and pantheists in general, or is the issue monists and pantheists claiming to be polytheists when in fact they are NOT polytheists?

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    • ganglerisgrove

      The latter: monists and pantheists claiming to be polytheists. I have no problem with them when they stay in their own sandbox!

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      • druishbuddhist

        Oh, good! that means we can still be friends. 😉 I’m struggling to figure out what I am and where my faith lies, but one thing that I am clear on is that I’m in a state of change these days.

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    • Definitely the latter.

      If monists and/or pantheists represented themselves honestly, no-one would have this kind of reaction.

      The problem isn’t monist or pantheist representation, it’s the monists and pantheists who are lacking the basic integrity to represent *themselves* as monists / pantheists, but instead as representing themselves as polytheists because it’s the hot new trend (to them) that they believe will get people to pay attention.

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      • druishbuddhist

        That’s just dumb on their part if you ask me. I’m glad to hear that it’s not an issue with THEM as such but rather integrity… Or a lack thereof.

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  6. ganglerisgrove

    you know, i think that’s a good thing. One’s faith should change and grow! if it always remains the same, I think we’re missing something! I was once chided by a detractor who said “your theology has certainly shifted over the past decade.” um….yeah. because this is a living tradition and I”m working hard to grow in devotion to my gods. I don’t always know where that will lead. So nothing wrong with being in a state of change!

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  7. Well, the comments about the article being monist instead of being polytheist got smacked down big time. Really big time. It felt that TWH want kudos for the piece and when someone called them on it, they had a hissy fit.

    Speaking of which, people are asking questions about Zell’s sudden eviction since that wasn’t explained in that article about him. Bad reporting seems to have taken over.

    If the reporters are being paid for their work, they should at least due diligence, and find out about all the folks doing Caananite religion. This seems to be a puff piece about one guy doing his thing.

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  8. ganglerisgrove

    This is why we can’t “all get along”. Some of us care far, FAR more about the integrity of our tradition, you k now, about our GODS, than about being “nice” when someone tries to pollute that.

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  9. ganglerisgrove

    and I agree with you about due diligence. I pointed as much out to one of the editors.

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  10. I called them out on their so-called research and spoke about Tess Dawson. Yes, I wanted to embarrass them. They needed to be embarrassed. (And, I know Cara from Hellenion. Bad, bad girl Cara. What were you thinking? It was so sophomoric, too! Did they tell you to dumb it down as well?)

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