Available for Pre-Order: Triptych by Grace Palmer of Al-Uzza, Al-Allat, and Manat

Here are the next prayer cards to be run: the three “daughters” of Allah, pre-Islamic Goddesses, mighty Powers in Their own right, Powers Whose cultus was crushed with the rise of Islam. I am doing something different with these three cards. Instead of printing them separately, they are going to be printed all together as a triptych, on good card stock that can be used as a free-standing devotional piece.

I will be offering these for free through October 31 and after that, they will be $5. I am taking pre-orders now. The images are by Grace Palmer, who designed them to work as a triptych.

al-uzza painting 2x4


al-allat painting2x4


manat painting2x4


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  1. Oh, beautiful! Hadrian was a cultist of Allat in Palmyra, actually, so she’s been on my radar for a long time. More in a private e-mail soon…


  2. Having been raised Muslim I’ve got a lot of curiosity about these Goddesses that I only heard demonized as a child. I’ve not found a lot of resources, do you (or does anyone frequenting this page) have any suggested reading?

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  3. These are breathtaking! May the blessings of al-‘Uzzâ, Allât, and Manât be upon both Grace and you.


  4. Simply gorgeous! Grace does it again!


  5. Hey what gorgeous paintings of these Wathan Goddesses! I was wondering would I be able to share them (with a link to your page) on the Facebook page I run?


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