Piety to the Gods and Spiritual Community

really thoughtful article from Lykeia. I think she’s exactly right that the desire for solidarity above all else, is one of the things that helped christianity wipe our traditions out in the first place. At the very least, she gives a lot of food for thought.

Beloved in Light

There seems to be focus recently on spiritual community, the value of said community and its strengths. In fact this is nothing new, religious community has been a big deal online for years, a focus on finding others, and a sense of desiring solidarity of belief and ethics on a spiritual level. I have come to the opinion that this is largely a monotheistic hangover. While it is nice to have other folks who “get it”, our desire to have this solidarity is religio-political more than anything else, and likely something which helped Christianity to overwhelm and crush polytheistic worship. Because of its political effectiveness, there are many who feel that this is a strength. And certainly a coming together of various groups in a loose form of solidarity has helped make some positive changes. The problem is that any form of spiritual community and solidarity is not much more than…

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