Day 4 Poetry Challenge

Today I asked Sannion for a topic on which to write (he always comes up with interesting inspirations). Earlier, while redoing my ancestor shrine (a two hour plus process and I’m still not done!), I’d told him the story of Gediminas and the founding of Vilnius. He told me to write about a Lithuanian legend, and maybe that one so I did.

Children of the Iron Wolf
by Galina Krasskova

My people rose from the howling of a wolf;
iron and steel runs in our blood.
Vicious and victorious
we endure,
praising the moon and the sun,
old gods who keep us strong.
Libations flow—
it is why we are here.
The valor of the dead
sings in our blood.

That savagery is hidden deep
but there are reasons we survived
so long, unbroken.
there are reasons our enemies
had best tread lightly
and far from our borders.

When I am afraid,
i listen for the howling
that birthed my ancestors’ nation;
and scour my dreams
for wisdom.

The dead speak there.
They are teaching me their language-
incantations of fire
and what it means
to have risen from iron.


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