possible shipping issue

A couple subscribers contacted me to let me know that they had not yet received their copies of Walking the Worlds. In both cases, the journal was sent on July 2 (or ordered to be sent–i do the ordering electronically). I was in Poland at the time and having connectivity issues. While I received confirmation of all orders, now I am concerned. If you paid your invoice around the first of July and have not yet received your copy, please contact me at krasskova at gmail.com and I will follow up.

Sorry for the inconvenience. It’s probably a fluke, but as I said, now i’m concerned.

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  1. ganglerisgrove

    I want to thank Rhyd, btw, for his post. I think it was an important piece precisely for the conversations it’s forcing us to have and the ideas we are now parsing out and batting around. 🙂


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