If Your Paganism is Anthropocentric, I Don’t Want Your Paganism

quite a good rebuttal to quite an awful piece.

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With articles such as this, it is even more clear to me why polytheists need to speak up within and without the Pagan Umbrella.

With respect to discerning John Beckett from John Halstead, I will use their last names.

Beckett wrote a post about the future of polytheism and the importance of ‘keeping the Gods at the front’.  Halstead’s article is the response to this.

‘John Beckett has recently written a post about his vision of the future of Polytheism- the future of the “polytheist revolution” -and the importance of “keeping the Gods at the front”. To me, this sounds disturbingly like the Christianity I left behind 15 years ago – with its rejection of this world or at least its relegation of the concerns of this world to a place of secondary importance.  It sounds too much like the monotheistic condemnation of “idolatry” and the “gods of…

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  1. Halstead has added a lengthy “second thought” to his post, including this: “I should have reached out to John [Beckett] to clarify before blasting off a blog post about what I ‘thought’ he meant and creating another tempest in a teapot. Some of his language tripped my Xtian-baggage alarms — but that’s on me, not on him.”


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