really good piece from John Beckett

A really good piece from John Beckett: go, read. he’s been on fire lately and he’s doing some really good work.


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  1. Beckett is a treasure.

    And I remember Halstead as being more reasonable a couple of years ago. As a commenter pointed out on one of his posts, he’s become a lot more vitriolic over time. Pity… he’s a good writer (however much I disagree with him).

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    • *shrugs* i always found his arguments deeply flawed.

      the real opposition to monotheism, to the filter, to the world as we have it now, isn’t atheism, it’s polytheism and the stronger polytheists as a group get, the more resistance and foolishness we’ll face. It is the way of things.

      at least the back and forth between him and Beckett and I think even Jason Mankey has jumped in, has been interesting. Sometimes it’s good to be forced to think about things and really delve into them carefully.

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  2. but yes, Beckett is an absolutely gem. 🙂

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