Honouring Epona

Source: Honouring Epona


i really like the idea of a trans-national rite to honor Epona. This was sent to me by a reader, and i fully support it. Let’s get as many people participating to honor this Holy Power as we can. 🙂



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  1. Now this a pleasant surprise! *gaulish polytheist here*
    I don’t know if this is already a thing, but maybe people could organise these events like these more regularly, and for Gods and Goddesses of all ethnicities. Not only would it spread knowledge of other religions, but it would also be a chance to show some love to Gods whom don’t get much attention, and, maybe, some people would be interested in building a devotional relationship with them afterwards.


  2. I’m lucky to be a train journey away from Glasgow and can make it. Potia has done a great job in organising this. It’s very exciting to see a transnational rite for Epona taking place in the UK and having the opportunity to attend 🙂


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