Portable Shrines to the Gods of Palmyra — SOLD OUT as of 9pm EST


My friend E. contacted me yesterday. She doesn’t have a blog and asked if I would publicize this project. I could not be happier to do so.


In response to Daesh destroying Palmyra, E. has created twenty small portable/wearable shrines. This is something we can all do: let’s see ten thousand images of these Gods, ten thousand temples and shrines of one sort or another spring up. E. heard that call and ran with it.

She’s offering these for free on a first come first serve basis. DO NOT POST HERE IF YOU WANT ONE; EMAIL ME PRIVATELY.


If you’re interested, contact me at krasskova at gmail.com and i’ll forward your info on. There are eighteen fifteen available. (she is keeping one and I claimed one).

What each person will receive:
The pin pictured below (see photos).
The pin is approx. 80mm long
Components include:
Temple of Bel pendant
Temple of Baal Shamin pendant
Palmyra Triad pendant
Sari ribbons will vary on each pin since they are made from recycled materials.

the pins can be combined in various ways. they can be worn, or they can create a hanging wall shrine. The choice is yours.
If you want one, contact me asap before they’re all gone.

shrine 3


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  1. Of course I want one! Of course I’ll compensate her. Please let me know. 😀


  2. I would like one.


  3. I’d love to have one, and I will compensate, though it may be a week or so (end of month, just paid all bills, etc.) I sent you my info.


  4. YES! For oh so very many reasons YES! This is exactly the kind of response I wanted to see in response to the actions of those vermin. We need more people doing this kind of thing. I hope to see a tidal wave of piety and devotion wash away the stain of defilement and desecration.


  5. I would love one as well…and I suspect I may be making an expanded one at some point in the future, given how very many Deities were honored at Palmyra (and all the ones I’ve been able to track down with certainty are noted in this poem).


  6. I would like one too if they are still available. Merci!


  7. I’ve forwarded all your names/emails to my friend.


  8. Any left? I would like one also.
    I think some information about making shrines to the Gods of Palmyra would be a good thing.


  9. Hello, How can i get your email info? I’d like to claim one for myself ^_^


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