Banned from using the name HERMES

This is appalling. Apparently many sites forbid the use of the word Hermes unless one works for the French scarf, bag, and jewelry company. This means that polytheist artists are unable to make devotional art, or support themselves. This demeaning to our artists, and incredibly disrespectful to our Gods.


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  1. I wonder what would happen if I tried to trademark the name “Jesus”. What kind of reaction would that cause?


  2. I don’t understand how a name belonging to a historical being, especially a God, could be trademarked in such a fashion and have it stick. We’re not referring to some French shop when we’re calling out “Io Hermes!” and I sure as hell didn’t help raise a herm to a scarf, bag, and jewelry company. I raised it for a God.

    So what this precedent means, is that I should go out and trademark Odin, Wotan, and Wodanaz if I ever wish to use it in merchandise, books, etc. that I hope to sell? Wow.

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  3. Infuriating once again! Will the next move be Marvel trademarking all the Nordic Gods names? So sick of this shit! Where is the ACLU?


  4. Really? Banned for using the name Hermes? That is so dumb that it is almost physically painful.


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