Is Appropriation ever Appropriate? Part 1

Son of Hel weighs in on my calling out of Halstead and his response.

Son of Hel

Well, I’m back, with another Halstead article. And Gods help me, it looks like I might be defending him, slightly. I’m sure by the end of it though we’ll run into Halsteads usual logic fails and I’ll be driven to something. But hey…it’s not pedos, and frankly I couldn’t be happier. That being said, Halstead has gotten himself in some trouble, and I am probably going to laugh a little bit, because it has to do with “cultural appropriation.

We’re All Appropriating Dead Pagan Cultures

I swore I was not going to get involved in the Cultural Appropriation Controversy here at Patheos Pagan. But yesterday, I got dragged into it when I was accused of cultural appropriation myself.  Specifically, I was accused by Galina Krasskova of “appropriating” the images of gods for the banner for this blog (above).  (The image in question is of Egyptian-Canaanite gods.)  Now, I had…

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