More Christian bigotry

Another example of Christian persecution of polytheists.

“After this experience, Schoenfeld said that she now has a different view of religious freedom in the US. “I believe it’s only free for certain of the religions. Polytheists are looked down upon by many faiths, although there are many of us. I do hope that one day the Christian church will realize some of us are really just happy just the way we are.””

She is far kinder to the Christian Church than they have any right to expect. I’d like to see the polytheists in the world rise up against this bastion of white privilege, colonialism, and destruction and bring it down stone by stone, or head by head if that’s what it takes to break the back of the Christian right in this country. There are many good, devout Christians fighting against this sort of religious intolerance and hate that infects their faith, I won’t deny that and it’s sad that the fundamentalists have come to define Christianity in this country to the degree that they do. What is particularly problematic imo with this article is that this poor woman works…for the US GOVERNMENT. It’s one thing for this type of horse shit to occur in the private sector, but quite another for it to occur under the aegis of the government.

there’s also this (wild hunt did a really good job of covering this bit of asshattery first discovered by Markos Gage). I’m not sure if this falls under discrimination or just generally obliviousness and erasure but it’s sickening.



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