Eat, Prey, Learn Magic: Alex Mar’s Spiritual Tourism

While I wish Rhyd had left the Marxist rhetoric out of his review, his review is worth reading. Alex Mar’s book was a piece of entitled, condescending, and at times immoral (given how she deceives her Pagan and Wiccan correspondents) trash.

In fact, I’m surprised the woman isn’t facing a police inquiry given that she claims knowledge of grave robbing (apparently she found it easier and more spiritually fulfilling to consort with necromancers who perform foul experiments with the dead instead of honoring her own ancestors properly. Speaks volumes right there).

It’s not just spiritual tourism, but spiritual colonialism. The level of disrespect for her “subjects” is truly remarkable.

(there is a second review, also worth reading, here.)


Reviewed in this Essay: Witches Of America, by Alex Mar

(not recommended)

It is for us to build an alternative through our present actions, our explorations, our play: all done without any spectators. This is more powerful than uploading a picture of your engorged genitalia. Love one another. Resistance and knowledge begins in your body. Secrecy remains an essential power of the sphinx.
–Peter Grey, Beneath The Rose

In the early part of the last decade, just after the destruction of two buildings in New York City’s financial center, a witch-hunt began. Armed with the power of law and absurd injections of fear-appropriated money, many Capitalist governments began searching for an elusive group of people known as terrorists.

Of course, like many other state-sponsored pogroms, ‘terrorist’ was an empty category, easily filled with whichever group of people threatened some aspect of Authority. For most, terrorist meant a brown-skinned, bearded man…

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  1. I went through a lot of emotions, anger, disgust, just reading the review. The judgment alone this woman heaped on other people, especially women, should condemn this book. That she went after mystery religions and sought entry into places that, from what I gather, take a good deal of work and then wrote such an exploitative, colonial book should end her career as a writer, filmmaker, and trusted person by anyone who comes into contact with her.

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