THIS. fucking this. this is what my god damned head is like most days. welcome to ancestor work. and yes, it’s important, all the more so when it’s agonizingly painful. All the social justice work in the world, no matter how good it makes people feel, won’t take the place of listening to our dead, of reconnecting, of restoring.

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Working with the dead is rough

They brush your mind, with little thought to how raw they feel

Their lives spill out upon you without filters, the ones who share the most, open skies raining on your head

The Disir and the Väter can be the roughest

When They speak, They speak in power

It shakes you, the voices of ages, the ten thousand and more generations of Dead, Gods, vaettir, all speaking with a few voices

Those voices thunder through you

Voices whose names have passed from memory

The recent Dead whose names still hurt

The ten thousand ten thousands and more who stand behind us

The Dead are speaking, and we need to listen

No matter how rough They speak

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