A Prayer



Hail to the Gods and Goddesses.
Your grace illumines all things.
Your gifts shine forth,
Making fruitful nine mighty worlds.
Blessed are those that serve You.
Blessed are those that seek You out.

Holy Powers, Makers of all things,
Bless and protect us in Your mercy.
Lead us along the twisting pathways of our wyrd
And when it is time, guide us safely along the Hel-road.

(image by Kay Nielson)


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  1. I like it! Kind of reminds me of Sigdrifa’s prayer…


  2. May it be so!


  3. Beautiful! 🙂


  4. Indeed a wonderful prayer. I am curious though, where does the art come from, do you know who it is meant to depict? It’s quite beautiful and evocative of someone sending forth their prayer with oomph behind it.


    • I love this artist’s work. she illustrates fairy tale books, at least that’s where I’ve seen her stuff.


  5. Is this destined to become a Prayer Card?


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