Calendars for sale, an update on the coloring books, etc.

I am going to be putting out at least one, perhaps two coloring books just in time for the holidays (the suggestion of my friend Arabella and one that I took to like white on rice. 🙂 Coloring books are great fun). One will be “Greek Gods and Goddesses” and the other ‘Norse Gods and Goddesses” and the images will be line drawings based on the prayer cards by Grace Palmer. She’s putting finishing touches on them now so hopefully next week, I’ll be making announcements as to availability.

in the meantime, I have quite a few devotional calendars available here. This calendar has images from my pilgrimage to four ossuary sites in Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic and specifically marks moon phases, equinoxes, solstices, and ancestor feast days (drawn from a number of traditions). Check it out, folks.



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  1. Can’t wait for the coloring books to be available and I love the calendar!!


  2. Very cool idea for the coloring books! 🙂


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