Sannion and I were Interviewed….

Sannion and I were interviewed on the show “Jaguar and the Owl” and the interview went live yesterday. I’m sure there’s something here to piss everyone off.

Y’all can listen to the show here, wherein we discuss orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and what it means to rebuild a tradition.


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  1. I really appreciated the comments made about the importance of laity; that’s something that’s not being stressed enough. People feel like there’s a stark, clergy-or-no? decision to be made about whether or not they’ll adopt a devotional path, and if they don’t feel like priesthood is an option, they give up. Laypeople are the foundation of all faiths!

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  2. Really excellent interview…I’ll link to this in the near future in a piece I’m going to write that I suspect you’ll find amusing (in a somewhat morbid fashion), if nothing else. 😉


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