Coloring Books are Here.

I have, sitting in my car, a box of Norse Gods Coloring Books ready to ship. I’d post a picture but it’s raining where I live and the box has no lid. I don’t want them to get wet so i left them in my car!

I also have quite a few Ossuary calendars for 2016 left.

Both items can be purchased at my Etsy shop Wyrd Curiosities.

In a week or so, I will be unveiling a second coloring book, this one for the Greek Gods.

If anyone is interested in both the ossuary calendar AND the coloring book, email me privately at krasskova at I’ll give you a discount. I may upload this as a bundled set to etsy eventually the next time I do updates there (i’ve a few things to photograph but it’s such a dismal day for it right now..). For right now though I’m calling it a day.

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