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A delightful thread here on why atheists aren’t Pagans, no matter how much they try to twist language to say that they are. Hrafnblod, I salute you. Your analysis of the situation was brilliant and spot on.

Re. Halstead’s latest …sloppy, sloppy, john… In going after Sarenth you make it seem like polytheism doesn’t respect the earth and nature. None of us ever said that. You’re trying to set up a false dichotomy to again attack a polytheist. Otherwise, it takes some serious work to miss a point by as large a margin as you have in your rebuttal.

Lucius, i like your recent posts overall, but I don’t think you’ve quite accurately grasped why Sarenth and I object to Halstead’s use of the word sacred. In addition to any theological principle, it’s also pure etymology. Words mean things, specific things. This is the basis of communication. ¬†Those of us trained in linguistics, philology, etymology aren’t going to let sloppy or incorrect usage slide when it impacts the integrity of our traditions. “Sacred” specifically means related to the Gods in some way. If you’re using it in any other manner, you are using the word incorrectly. This seems to be a really difficult thing for an awful lot of folks to grasp but coming from a field which is language heavy, where the first thing we do is look at what the words actually “mean,” it’s fundamental to any analysis. Now we use language incorrectly all the time but that doesn’t mean it’s accurate or right to do so. I think we’d all be better served by guarding ourselves against the poison rhetoric of modern day sophists.

That’s all for now: just a little housekeeping this morning.

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  1. I suspect we will be seeing a blog about this from Mr. Allergic Pagan. Probably arguing the same stuff _ polytheists are mean. Etc.

    I am being to wonder if said person isn’t using us to fight back what problems he has monotheism. Actually, I wonder how much of the monotheistic filter can be discovered in his and his friends thinking.


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