Coordinated attacks in Paris


My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris tonight and my heart goes out to the families of over one hundred fifty people killed and over two hundred seriously wounded  in a series of coordinate terrorist attacks. May the Gods bring healing and peace to all the families involved.

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  1. And vengeance on the attackers.

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  2. Well said, Galina. It’s very sad indeed.

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  3. and i’ve been really sick and tired of hearing people bitch and whine about people who are mourning paris but haven’t said anything about Beirut or Lebanon. Firstly, Paris holds more of a place in my heart. I have family from that city, I’ve walked its streets, the art and culture have had far more of an impact on me personally than the other two cities. and frankly, I think that can be said about quite a few of us. Paris is close to home.

    Secondly, a person may mourn more than one tragedy. If i were to enumerate every fucking thing that upsets me in this world right now, this would be a pretty gruesome website. and thirdly, yes, my compassion is quite strained for Beirut and Lebanon and anywhere else in the god damned middle east right now. Are the acts of terrorism there horrific? Yes, absolutely. Do I pray for these places and people? yes. But do I feel more deeply about the attacks in Paris. yes. I have history there.

    and to both the republicans and the social justice warriors on the opposite end of the spectrum who are using this tragedy in Paris to push your own political agendas: y’all are just fucking foul.


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