Eventful Octobers

a lovely post by my colleague Aldrin on October and Marian things, and the Mothers, and some processions. Go and look. There are pretty things here. 🙂

Under Two Trees

It seems like Octobers are almost always eventful, and usually involving the Mothers.

The beginning of the month was especially blessed with the welcoming of a new member to our household pantheon, Nossa Senhora de Fátima:

A gift from a friend from far away makes Herself comfy in Her new home. I’m not quite sure yet which godly power is behind the Lady of Fatima, but something tells me that she’s older than the biblical Mary. This stunning statue of the Lady comes from Galina who was kind enough to send it over as a gift. Here She is, bathing in bukhoor incense, a traditional gesture of hospitality in the Arab world.

Shortly after, our town fiesta happened, which is always a blessing of joy to our people, Catholic or otherwise:

Nana Pilar It is always an honour for any man or woman to carry Her, our loving town patron of many years. She was exceedingly beautiful this year, our dearest Mother of wild dances.

[I will be posting a couple of…

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  1. I have always suspected that the Marian apparitions were of a Mother Goddess (possibly native to the site where the apparition occurred) trying to make herself known to people but the only supernatural mother that the people knew at the time was Mary mother of Jesus. We may never know who She truly is. Maybe one day She will make herself known again.


  2. What beautiful pictures!


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