I’ve updated my Patreon Account

I put up  a new article tonight on my patreon account patron-only blog. This one is rather personal, and I talk a little bit about what it’s like having a learning disability, in my case, dyscalculia.

For those of you who enjoy my work and who would like to read more, consider becoming one of my patrons. Every dollar helps support the work and projects that I do.

(It would make a lovely Yule tide gift: donate to my blog in the name of your favorite Heathen or atheist-humanist blogger. *G*)


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  1. about discalculia, remember Winston Churchill had it in spades, still managed to write brilliant books and conduct a war and be Prime Minister. But if you are curious, he did write about it when discussing his school days.


    • i just looked that up and read some of what he wrote. that is so cool. I have always admired Churchill but I didn’t know he had dyscalculia too 🙂


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