Icons in progress

I recently commissioned a series of four icons from Markos Gage and W. McMillan: Odin, Loki, Hermes, and Dionysos. I wanted to have something special for my shrines and while the Norse images aren’t yet finished, today I received a pre-view of the icons for Hermes and Dionysos and they are awesome. I can hardly wait to install these on my shrines


For those who might be looking for something special, unique, and uniquely beautiful as a gift for the holidays (whether to a friend, loved one, or as a gift to the Gods), consider commissioning a piece of devotional art from this pair of immensely talented artists. Markos can be contacted here


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  1. Oh, those are perfectly fabulous! I ADORE that Hermes one–he’s captured something of Him very particular but hard-to-describe that has characterized my experiences of Him over the years…

    Well done, Markos, and well done, Galina, for providing the opportunity for these images to exist! 🙂

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