Manannan Rises Again

Yesterday I learned that the Manannan Mac Lir statue (stolen and vandalized earlier this year) is about to be replaced. Once more, He will stand proud and fierce guarding the borderlands between land and sea. 

Hail, Manannan! Hail, Gracious and Shining God. Long may you receive our praises. 

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  1. Hail Manannán!


  2. Part of me thinks the replacement should have been made out of depleted uranium, so any future thieves would get what they truly deserved.

    But only part.

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  3. That’s awesome news! May Manannan mac Lir always be praised!


  4. Hail Manannan Mac Lir!


  5. People like those vandals pull stunts like this in the name of their One True Faith (TM) then have the audacity to be agog and aghast to find their religion is in decline.


  6. I am absolutely delighted to hear that the Manannan statue is being replaced! I hope the vandals are in tears over this.


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