Updates on the Prayer Card Project

As of today, I am slowly moving all the prayer cards to my etsy shop. This will make it easier to keep track of orders and to manage them more efficiently. 

To date, I have uploaded all 56 of the Norse/Heathen cards to my shop. If you wish to purchase one of them, please do so through Wyrd Curiosities

I also have several sets of cards available there. I will post notices here as I slowly move more of the cards over. 

I am also doing a fundraiser for a Hades Prayer Card. Of the primal triad of Olympian Gods, He is the only One Who doesn’t have a card. I want to remedy this. So far, I’ve collected $50. There is still $375 to raise. Anyone wishing to donate should contact me at krasskova at gmail.com. You will receive your choice of five prayer cards as thanks. 


that is all for now. 


EDIT: The Canaanite, Mesopotamian, Kemetic, and cards under “other” have all been moved to etsy.

Edit #2: I’ve raised another $50 toward the Hades card — Thank you, Alix! Wyrd Dottir sponsored a Nerthus card in full (it’s next in line). Thank you thank you.



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  1. I think the move to Etsy will also make it easier for others to find, in addition to being easier for you to keep track and manage the orders.


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