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So my friend Raven sent me this link. Check it out. I love seeing this, seeing someone doing for the Gods, and seeing the burblings of yet another polytheism being restored. Makes me happy to see. 🙂

Here is the link:

Source: Support British Celtic Polytheism!


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  1. Thank you so very much, Galina! Wow, what a boost, and I’ve found some blogs to follow myself! Also thanks for the free e books via Raven. The Heathen Essays brought home something that I had been struggling with and can’t get people to discuss: the Protestant values that are so evident in “Please Gods, don’t notice me” Heathenry. I wasn’t raised Christian but I was raised by an atheist Anglophile. The Work hard, look busy in case God happens to show up, even if you’re doing damage to the world, just hope Jesus doesn’t notice you, keep working” crazy fear of mysticism is so OBVIOUS in much of Heathenry, you’d think it was an atheist historical reconstruction society! That Luther said people didn’t need a priest to be the go between for regular people and God somehow got lost a long time ago. I come from people who settled Mass. and R.I. in mid 1660s for being such “free thinkers” Salem refused them because they were among the first Baptists (nothing like Southern Baptist) and Friends. People who believe that everyone has connection within, so don’t have slavery, try to convert natives, keep women from power, have churches, and created the first places where anyone of any religion was ALLOWED to live (pagans are literally named as welcome along with Hindoos and Jews) – and then got kicked out by United Church of Christ. But they are why we have the freedom of religion which allowed me to be Heathen and learn about them in my ancestor reverence work.

    But most Protestant churches are afraid of God. Even the liberal ones discourage mysticism.

    People talk about Catholic guilt and I was so grateful you linked Protestantism with some major issues.

    Also of course I own I think every book you’ve written and the ancestors one set off a whole debate with my ancestors, it was quite unexpected, but when you wrote about how we do to others what Christianity did to us, everything was cool, I totally agree, but the part about slavery King Olaf the White of Dublin, a well known slave trader, wanted to know if you wanted me to hate him. A lot of grey areas came up for me and them which aren’t resolved but definitely have added layers to our discussions. I know odds are my ancestors were also slaves of pagans and when I speak of being raped, every female ancestor seems to understand! It’s actually one way to quickly establish a bond.

    I’m not allowed near the Aesir especially not Odin or Freyja will leave me. She has FOR ME and reasons of her own to protect me from Odin, who put years into chasing me. It was finally settled by Tyr that Odin couldn’t use me because like Nerthus I’m poisoned like the land and thus would be of no use to him and his plan of how to use me. She brings up a lot of anti-Aesir sentiments I never would have seen. She demands I say them because she wants some unpopular Vanir versions of reality included to round out Heathenry and Norse polytheism, but I don’t have the same views. As her devotee I see and deeply understand her anger about Ragnarok and the way the Aesir and Loki treat her, and the missing focus on the sacred covenant with food and the “common people, producers” but I know we need warriors like you, we need them in the name of human survival TODAY. as a devotional polytheist you’re dedicated to that and as a warrior you are best equipped to do work I’m not wired for.I’m very great for that.

    I say this because I respect you so much I wouldn’t want you to ever be offended by something Vanir that questions the ways of Odin. I descend from him a few times and visited him and Frigga once as ancestors. He seemed sad and tired to be a politician still, remembering happier days roaming the world learning. I very much understood. I felt sorry for him. He said Loki was his only equal and when I asked why they were not together he grimly joked “He’s unfortunately all tied up at the moment,” a very good double meaning. Frigga’s eyes were milky like the eyes of some blind people, as she saw rhe future nonstop. I’m spakona so I guess I tapped into that aspect of her, I felt nothing maternal or about the household.

    They seemed very old. I very much loved Sif and Thor is quite kind, I’m sad Freyja says no. Her own relationship with Heimdall intrigues me, he appears to be the only one who consoles her about her treatment and restricted actions in Asgard, and they appear to be lover friends. But I think she’s making me wait. Maybe someday it’ll be safe for me to interact with the Aesir.

    Anyway, I read what you wrote in Tenpenny’s Frey anthology (which rocks!) and realized how very different our experiences are. I just wanted to let you know that I respect you as an elder, I’m not bigoted against the Aesir (there’s just a lot of hostility about the treatment of the Vanir), and I am so grateful and happy you’re doing this work, with Odin no less, to stop the narcissistic consumption of Our Deities by those who would use the word Heathen.

    Ask not what Your Gods can do for you, but ask what you can do for Your Gods. : )


  2. Umm, it should say I’m grateful not great. Trying to text with Lyme disease isn’t very accurate. Hence the video blog.


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