There is so much joy in a couple of these dancers, singing and dancing and praying to their Gods. I saw these guys when I was in Prague…it was delightful, absolutely joyous.

Why aren’t we doing this for our Gods on a regular basis?


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  1. there’s one dancer in this video….such joy as he jumps and spins. He will be enshrined forever in joyous celebration of his God(s?). He is a joy to watch. I pray he always be able to reach that place lost in the ecstasy of veneration.


  2. I can’t agree more. Something that Heathenry in general needs is more joy. The ancient Christians used to complain that we would dance and sing in our religious ceremonies, yet today the typical Asatru ceremony seems almost… Puritanical.


    • I think we have a lot of people who come from a certain type of Protestant Christianity and that shapes expectations of ritual and yeah, while I might not use the word puritanical, i would say staid, restrained, and quite often boring.


  3. When I was younger, I remember watching the Blues Brothers with my dad. I was very surprised with the people singing and dancing in the church (A very over-dramatized version of reality but the truth none the less). My church NEVER did that (Very white and very Presbyterian). The hymns in my church sounded so depressing no wonder I was so bored with it. I envied African-American churches that sounded so happy and they would get up and dance and gyrate as the “Spirit” moved them. I never understood why white churches never did that. Everything was so solemn. Hell, there’s a verse where King David was so happy that the Ark of the Covenant arrived in Jerusalem that he danced through the streets and stark naked yet.


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