For Our Military Dead

Let us speak for the military dead
Let us venerate them.

Let us honor those men and women,All people,
Who laid down their lives in defense:
of us, of our children, of our future, our dreams,
that we might sleep safely in our beds.

Let us pour out libations to the souls
of all those forced by poverty and desperation
into the arts of war
that they might have a future.

Let us offer prayers and incense
to those who fell in battle
fighting far away from home
for a future they will never see, and for loved ones left behind.

We are here because our ancestors were warriors.
We are here because they did what was necessary.
We are here because they did not flinch, and did not run,
but took up arms, and sometimes laid down their lives.

Let us honor them.

and then let us honor the living soldiers among us.
The military is not what it once was,
but there are still men and women worthy of honor
in its ranks.

Hail to the military dead. Hail to our Soldiers,
and hail to the Gods of soldiers.
Keep them safe.



[There is a huge difference between supporting a country’s military versus honoring the military dead and being decent to living soldiers and veterans. To spit in the face of veterans and soldiers today is to shit on your ancestors. To refuse to pay homage to the military dead of your line because they were military likewise to spit in the faces of all your ancestors. We’re here because some of our dead made hard choices, brutal choices, choices we in our first world luxury don’t necessarily have to make. Not only do I support honoring the military dead, but I’d support two years mandatory military (or civil) service for all girls and boys. Part of why our country is in the mess it is currently in, in my not so humble opinion, is a complete lack of civic consciousness. In the polytheistic world, piety went hand in hand with what the Romans called ‘civitas’: civic virtue. We seem to be very good at forgetting that. ]


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