Me Hercule!

So while some dude on twitter, with his thrilling modern vision,  was [Ro}man-‘splainin’ ancient Rome and religion to me (a classicist), he said condemningly that I put the Gods before everything. It’s “all about the Gods for me.” I thought, why thank you. That’s the nicest thing I’ve had said in a long time. 

‘Course then he called me a Reconstructionist* because I can cite sources and asked if I was role-playing my religion. 

Glad to see there are as many assholes in cultus Romanorum as in Heathenry. Rock on, omnes.







*I’m sure a small contingent of Heathens died of laughter at the thought. lol.



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  1. good gods, so being educated about your religion is a bad thing to some of these folks. Doesn’t surprise me though considering that I had a high priestess once tell me that she didn’t care about what history said about the gods, only what was done now. Needless to say I did not end up staying with the group for long. While Reconstructionalists can sometimes go a bit far in wanting historical sources for every practice, having a religious education and historical knowledge does not make one a recon….it makes one a properly educated polytheist.

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  2. Oh look, the good old prejudice of reconstructionists being nothing more then re-enactors. So delightfully refreshing.

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  3. So it’s all about the Gods for you…*and* you’re just role-playing? How…?

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