Fundraising for Two Cards


I am still fundraising for the Hades card — I need $100 $50 to fully pay to have it made and printed. It bothers me from the point of view of respect to have a card for Zeus and a card for Poseidon, but none for Hades. He is the one who gives home to our dead. Let us honor Him. 

UPDATE: the Hades card has been fully funded. Thank you so much!

Anyone who wants to donate to this card, I will light candles and offer prayers for the month of January for any ancestor you name. I will do a setting of lights (and for those who have already donated, if you email me names of your dead, I’ll do the same). I do things at my ancestor shrine every night, and I will be happy to include your ancestors in those prayers. 

Let’s get this done…Hades deserves to be honored too. I’m sending six cards to each of the sponsors to boot (six Hades cards, or, if you prefer, any six prayer cards you request). 


I am also fundraising for Frey. We don’t have a Frey card! I realized this when I was commissioning the coloring books. I very much want to remedy this. He is one of our most popular and most beloved Gods second perhaps only to Thor. I need to raise $450 for Him. Please, please help. 

In return, I will do the same: a setting of lights for the month of January for any ancestor you wish. This means near daily prayers for their remembrance, well being, and happiness. For both, if someone donates $100 or more, you will also receive a year’s subscription to Walking the Worlds. Let’s make this happen, folks. 

Interested parties can donate by paypal to 


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  1. I sent her a donation towards the Hades card.


  2. ganglerisgrove

    Thank you!!


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