The Value of Spiritual Roots

This is an excellent article by Lykeia. It discusses the need to build a solid basic foundation for our polytheisms, what that means, and why the concepts of lineage and tradition are so important.

Beloved in Light

First I want to say that I don’t necessarily identify as a Reconstructionalist..the reason being is that I am not necessarily concerned with mimicking the practices done by a particular polis at a particular time. That said, as one who is concerned with the revival of Hellenic polytheism, I am interested in and concerned with the underlying procedures and modes of piety and worship as expressed by the varying city-states and their colonies.  There was a certain connection of worship and values that bound everyone together as recognizably of the same religious worship even with the understanding that nuances of differentiation could be found in each locality that was particular to the locality and its own Kharis with the gods. Much of this was concerned with hereditary myths of the people and the region itself (specifically what areas were haunts of particular deities for whatever reason, or were sacred to…

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