Rites of Reparations

Another thoughtful and thought-provoking article from Lykeia. I think these are things that those of us in the US must consider.

Beloved in Light

I had something come together for me while I was showering (I will admit that water submersion in any form is perhaps the greatest method of drawing forth any inspiration). For some time I had been tossing around in my mind how to spiritually address (or at least start to) the travesties that have happened on our lands in America. From genocide of Native American tribal peoples, to slavery, and Japanese concentration camps (among other things)…we have had horrors of blood shed on this land which is accompanied by unsettled spirits of the dead and unhappy spirits of the land. This no laughing matter to me as a Hellenist because I know well religiously that making amends with divine beings and local spirits, and with the dead who can awaken the Erinyes or whatever spirits of vengeance that they may, to bring plight. Satisfying the souls of the wrongfully dead…

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