I am ashamed and sickened by my country and absolutely disgusted. This country is built on blood, genocide, and complete lack of humanity. This is a perfect metaphor for how we treat our living veterans. 

The air force dumped the remains of over two hundred service people in a landfill, discarded them like trash and against the wishes of the family. 

I have nothing more to say. Nothing that I’m willing to put to print. 

My heart goes out to the families of each and every person whose ashes ended up in a garbage dump. 



(it’s an old article but i just learned about it tonight. I think those responsible should be court marshaled and shot. you can go to jail here for desecrating a flag, but apparently not the body of a service man or woman.)


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  1. Uhh…I am speechless.

    I have tons of veterans (and current service members) who are my students at both colleges where I teach; one of them in particular was involved in recovering the remains of people after explosions. I suspect few of them have heard of this, but they’ll want to know about it…especially if I mention it in my religion class, i.e. that sensibility that people have that something like this isn’t right is an inherently religious one, no matter what religion it is from. (And it’s atheists, I’ve found, who generally say “So what? They’re just body parts, they don’t care any longer, and they can’t do anything to you.” If only that were true…)


  2. I am just utterly appalled and disgusted by this. Of course I guess it shouldn’t shock me considering how the government treats servicemen that they can no longer get a use out of them 😦 All the same I am very disturbed this lack of value for those who gave their lives in services

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    • ganglerisgrove

      i didn’t know what else to do. I went outside took off my shoes and poured out water praying for them all. and then i went to my ancestors and we had many words. THEN i cleansed.

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  3. What’s just as disgusting, is one of the comments:

    And they need to realize that it’s just a corpse. An empty biological shell. It no longer functions in the manner it did that made the person who they were. We need to move passed the superstitious beliefs that still plague mankind that originated in a time when the sunset was unexplainable magic. Stop revering a husk as if it were still a person. If you want to honor the person, set up a purposeful memorial, such as planting a grove of trees, in their name. Stop wasting space with the ridiculous tradition and waste of land that is a cemetery.

    -Jim Louvier


  4. Even if they were unclaimed by family, we should still have seen to interring heir ashes at the most local veterans’ cemetery to their home of record along with the marker. This just reminds me of how we used to treat the bodies of psychiatric patients and prisoners. This miasma is so bad that I have no idea if this will ever be cleansed.


  5. The actions of our government are truly repulsive. I really can’t say anything more than that.

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