Ancestor Matters

I’ve made an update on my Patreon account, a post talking about some rather personal and difficult ancestor things that have recently arisen. 

I’ve also written about a some recent discoveries about my genealogy here.

Check them out, folks and consider becoming one of my monthly supporters through patreon. Become a significant part of the work that I do. 

Meanwhile, my brother is awesome. I”m visiting him now and he passed on something that he recently found stashed away in a box in the furnace room of our late parents’ home: a brooch (though the pin part of the backing is missing) with a picture of my maternal great grandparents: Hugh Clay Shoff and Lucinda Alice Heffner. He was kind enough to pass it onto me for my ancestor shrine. (Best line of the day: my second eldest niece, upon being shown a photo which my brother and I identified as our father, “But I thought grandpa was on the wall?” meaning the urn with his ashes was on a shelf on the wall. She looked dismissively put out when we identified the pic. I thought her mom was about to die laughing lol). That is all. 

brooch grandparents


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