Look what you did! (and an update on Frey)

The Frey card is nearly there. We’ve raised $293. Thank you all for that! 🙂 We are almost there. Only $107 (if my math is correct) to go. 

If anyone is interested in donating toward this prayer card, first check out the small perks offered here, and if you’re game, paypal me at tamyris@earthlink.net. Then email me to claim your perk. 🙂 

Finally, look what you all did. The Hades card is finished and will be heading toward the printers as soon as I return from MD. The artwork is by Grace Palmer and also features in the Greek Gods coloring book featured on my etsy site here

If anyone has a prayer for Him that you’re willing to allow me to use on the back of the card, please contact me at krasskova at gmail.com. It should be about 25 lines long. (you’ll get credit on the back of the card and also six copies of the card for yourself).



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  1. what a hunk… *gasp*


  2. If no one else has been in the queue in front of me, I can do a poem for Hades. E-mail me if you’d like that to be the case. 😉


  3. I really like the classical feel of this card. So beautiful!


  4. Beautiful is never a word I have heard to describe the Lord of the Underworld. But he indeed strikes a handsome and powerful figure.


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