Available soon: Frey by G. Palmer

The Frey prayer card will be available soon. We still need to raise $50 for printing costs. If anyone is interested in donating, please contact me at krasskova at gmail.com. You will receive six of the cards. as of this morning, Frey is fully funded!



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  1. gothiktrickster

    very amazing and beautiful.


  2. *Swoons* 😉


  3. Excellent!


  4. It boggles my mind that a God as well known, and worshipped has been having such a hard time getting full sponsorship for the card.

    I can only theorize that because He is popular, and there’s a variety of artworks, and statuary for Him, that people aren’t contributing because they already have representations for Him, or they think someone else will since He is popular.

    Which is why I’ve just sent you the last funds needed for the card.


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