Establishing a New Shrine to Apollon

This is an interesting and informative article from Lykeia. It rarely occurs to me to write about the process I undertake when prepping a new shrine, but there are quite a few significant steps to follow before the shrine is ready to receive the image of the Deity for whom it’s being made. This account is both thoughtful and clear and a good describe of the care necessary in preparing places at which to house and reverence our Gods.

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Beloved in Light

Since it rarely occurs to me to detail the process of installing a new shrine, since I decided to put up an individual shrine to Apollon separate from his doorway presence (will likely still get the more regular love just because it is his official seat in the household). This shrine serves as a different kind of foci, more of a celebratory and personal honorific place of worship where the individual relationships can be expressed and nurtured. Also as I established it beside the hearth it is in keeping with certain concepts I have of him as a protector of the hearth even as he has been in one inscription from Lycia region praised as a protector of altars. In short whereas his doorway shrine is about his overall relationship with the household and his primary cosmic role as god of the gates and doors, this shrine focuses largely on…

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