Update on Fundraiser for Njord

I am excited to report that we have thus far raised $90 toward the prayer card for Njord. That still leaves us with $360 to raise. Please consider donating. 


If you are interested in helping, please contact me at krasskova at gmail.com. Alternatively, you may paypal me directly at tamyris@earthlink.net but *please* include your email and which card you’re sponsoring in a note. paypal does not always include these things.

Sponsors will receive six prayer cards of their choice (usually i send six of the card that person sponsored but you can choose others if you like), and you may send me the name of one of your ancestors and I will do a setting of lights and prayers at my ancestor shrine for them for thirty days. I will also send you one issue of Walking the Worlds (you may choose which issue).

Please consider helping this project along.


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