Prayer Cards in Progress

I just sent over the following prayer cards to be printed. They should be available late next week.


Hermes by W. McMillan
(based on an icon I commissioned)


Dionysos by W. McMillan
(from an Icon i commissioned)


Erigone by E. Kamp


Odin by W. McMillan
(from an original icon)


Odin by W. McMillan
(from an icon i commissioned — he takes commissions, folks)


Loki by W. McMillan
(from an icon i commissioned)

We are still fundraising for Njord and Heimdall. Please consider donating. šŸ™‚


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  1. Those are beautiful! Wonderful! I’m glad they’ll be available!

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  2. Awesome! ^_^


  3. Somewhat off-topic question – Hermes’ staff – where can I find a discussion of its different forms and when they changed? I have several versions of the contemporary form – axis, sphere on top, wings either side, serpents oscillating on either side. The staff on the Hermes prayer card is an older version. I would like to know more about it.


    • oooh no idea. i’ll leave this question here for any devotees of Hermes to take a crack at. You might look at JSTOR and see if any academics have covered it too. thoughts, folks?


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