Gifting the Morrigan

I don’t talk about the Morrigan much but I have honored Her in personal devotions since the very early nineties. She is one of those Deities that I respect tremendously and while I am not in Her service, it is a deep pleasure to pay Her homage when the occasion permits and I do maintain a small shrine to Her in my home.  

I recently read a bit of grumbling on Facebook because apparently someone made the comment in a discussion or post (I’m not sure which) that bullets make good offerings to this Goddess, the Battle Raven, a Goddess of (among other things) war. I was surprised that this would raise any eyebrows at all but apparently it did and thus I am moved to write this here. 

Of course bullets, gunpowder, knives, blades, weapons of every sort make excellent offerings to Her and I’ve given them all over the past twenty five years that I’ve honored Her. She is a battle goddess. Why would the accoutrements of battle not be pleasing to Her? Just because someone may have personal issues with guns, bullets, blades and the like doesn’t mean that our Deities of war do. These things symbolize part of Their spheres of influence and power. I could say much more about those in our communities who want to erase certain aspects of our Gods’ natures because of their own personal feelings but I won’t. 

Instead, I think I’ll be gifting the Morrigan with some jewelry, all made out of shell casings, and maybe a bit of ammo as well later on this weekend. She is a Goddess of sovereignty, a Goddess of justice, but She is also, indisputably, a Goddess of war, of the battlefield, and of fate. It is integral to Her nature and I, for one, and grateful for it.


(one caveat to the above: I’d also tell anyone asking to ask for themselves if a particular offering is what a Deity wants *from them*. Divine, meditate, pray. I come from a military family and have a particular relationship to warriorship, and I deal extensively with the military dead. I also deal almost exclusively with the Morrigan as a battle Goddess. For someone, say, who venerates Her more often as a Goddess of sovereignty, well, She may want other offerings. So I would put that out there as a caveat.)



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  1. If the Morrigan wants or accepts bullets as an offering, then that’s up to Her. *I’m* not going to argue with Her. 😉

    Are you going to get Her *live* ammo? If so, how are you going to offer it to Her? I can see going to a shooting range and going through a box of dedicated ammo as an offering…

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  2. I want to ask “did someone REALLY go there?” but of course they did, or you wouldn’t have brought it up. Dude. War and blood and death. Kind of within her bailiwick. You can’t sit with that, there’s other gods out there for you, but stay out of Her children’s business.


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