Get In or Get Out: Side-Line Commentators Do More To Hinder Than Help

I absolutely agree with this. If you’re not Heathen, then your opinion on issues within Heathenry is of, at best, secondary consideration, and you may want to think about what exactly you’re contributing to the situation and why you feel the need to weigh in.

Of Axe and Plough

Since the beginning, Heathenry has had to grapple with racism. This isn’t something up for debate, but contemporary fact. Are all Heathens racist? Absolutely and unequivocally not. To make that assumption is to be ignorant and prejudiced in its own right. However, this fact does not diminish that the history of Heathenry and proto-Heathen philosophy is intrinsically tied to and conflated with ethnic romanticism. Ethnic romanticism, part of the wonderful leavings of the 19th century, lends itself quite well to racialist and racially-supremacist ethos. The process of divestiture is a long, arduous process, and it is not one that we in our holier-than-thou religious society have successfully managed to do. I am confident that we will do this, eventually, but it will continue to be a painful path.

Religious identity of any sort, but most especially ethnic religious identity, has problems with nationalist and right-wing ideological appropriation. Heathenry absolutely qualifies…

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