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I’ve been offline for most of the past four days thanks to a vicious flu that really laid me on my butt and badly (my husband almost took me to the ER against my wishes and only a call to my doctor at home prevented him from doing so. It was *bad* folks. Take care of yourselves — there’s some nasty shit going around this season). Today is the first day where I’ve felt well enough to do anything really and then not much. It’s also the first day I’ve been able to eat. Weeee applesauce! joy. >_<. 

Anyway, Sannion pointed out that this sickness occurred during Anthesteria when, for purgative and cleansing purposes, some devotees would chew purgative herbs that caused …gods help them…many of the symptoms that i had (you know that scene in the Exorcist with the pea soup…..). I decided as miserable as I was, to try to use it as a time of spiritual cleansing. I don’t know how successful I was, but today I felt well enough to putter around my shrines a little bit. I fixed my Odin shrine up, because doing so helps me to feel ordered and after the terrible miasma of the past few days, I needed to be so, and taking photos of a couple of the others which I had recently attended before I became ill. I’ve been moving things around, consolidating shrines, separating some others, making others still more elaborate. I was only about half done when i got sick, so I’m eager to get back to it. 

Anyway, this morning I finally got my Odin shrine, which had been quite disheveled, into some semblance of order. I’d moved it up in boxes from downstairs to the master bedroom where I have better altar space. 

Odin shrine feb 23

here it is, also with sections for Loki and Thor and some of my working tools. 

I’d also recently redone my small Dionysos shrine: 


It’s small and compact, but in a powerful space and while you can’t see it here (i was too tired to take many photos), it’s surrounded by further images of Dionysos and a veiled icon of Ariadne. [The red altar cloth is a scarf, showing a stylized starry bull available here.]  In the upper right, you can also see a snipped of a huge, hanging tapestry that belonged to my adopted mom. It shows Ran, Aegir, Njord, and the Nine Daughters of Ran and Aegir. The tapestry was made for her by R. Kaldera and I inherited it when she died. It takes up an entire wall and hangs over my collective working shrine here: 

group shrine guest room

You can see just the bottom shadow of the fringe from the tapestry in the picture above. This is my collective shrine (many of the Deities here have shrines elsewhere in my home too). There is Odin, Loki, Loki’s children, Sigyn, Freya, Gerda, Nerthus, Frey, Mani, Sinthgunt, Sunna, and a tiny bit for Sekhmet, Dionysos, and Hermes. I don’t usually mix pantheons even on a shrine but…i’m running out of space and this is purposely a collective shrine and altar. Many of the pieces on this shrine were inherited from my adopted mom. 

I also have, in addition to the tapestry, which serves as the primary part of Their shrine, a smaller section, an annex if you will, for Njord, Ran and Aegir, and Their nine Daughters:

sea gods, njord, and kari


There’s also the start of a shrine to Kari, God of the North Wind and His children and Siblings here, but that will most likely eventually have its own space. 

Finally, I moved many of the Healing Deities into one space: 

healing Deities

To the left, sitting atop a green turn of the century apothecary cabinet is my shrine to the Norse Healing Deities; Eir, Mengloth, Their Retinue, and Sunna. Right now, i’ve also put a statue of Freya here (it seemed appropriate when I was recently gifted a lovely statue of Her riding Hildsvinr), since She does bring vitality and passion. 

The, on the table, which is, in reality, a nineteenth century French writing desk (a gift from a friend for Yule one year) there is the shrine to Apollo, Asklepius, and the Graces (I did div to see if  I should put the Graces here and was told yes. The grace notes of living are part of healing and of living a healthy, rich life). Above, there are images of the Nine Muses (likewise, the gifts They bear are necessary to true health). Dionysos is also present because He handles mental health (or lack thereof), and finally on the small shelf is a shrine to Brigid, with Whom i’ve had something of a devotional relationship since my FOI days. There is also a symbol for Sunna (who has Her main image on the apothecary cabinet), a card for Sulis, and a plaque (also a gift) for Hygeia. The mortar and pestle on the  table is one of a group that I was lucky enough to find at a local antique shop. they’re about 150 years old (perhaps older) and I got them for an absolute steal. I use the two smaller ones, and the huge one here is my offering bowl for the Healing Deities. 

I’d struggled with what to do with all of these shrines for a long time. I don’t have a *strong* relationship with any of these Deities, but I do petition Them regularly, pray to Them if not regularly then at least with some ongoing consistency and it seemed They needed more than They were getting from me. Creating a shrine not to any specific Deity but rather to the Deities that I honor in a specific way turned out, at least for now, to be the right move. 

Anyway, there it is. I’ll be posting more interesting things later this week hopefully. I’ve a couple of articles i’m working on and I want to give an update on Njord and Heimdall. We still need $350 for Heimdall and $175 for Njord. Contact me at krasskova at if you’re interested in donating. I’ve posted perks in previous posts about this — i’ll do a separate one about it later. i’m tired now. 



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  1. Really lovely shrines!! Hope you will be on the mend soon!!


    • [Oops…damn, didn’t close the link I put in. Sorry!]


    • of course…why i keep Her images on the healing shrine. (I also venerate Her in other ways, but predominantly as a healer these days.)


      • I thought so, but just wanted to check! 😉

        I know you know this, but for the potential benefits of others who may be reading this and might not know it: the “other forms” of the Brigits are actual other separate Goddesses, and often it’s not been made clear, including by many Celtic recons, that there is a difference between these three sisters–Brigit the Leech, Brigit the Smith, and Brigit the Poetess–and a whole group of others (both Goddesses and Heroines and Saints) whose names have Brig- or Brid(-), as well as close cognates like Sulis, have been thrown into the mix and have been assumed by (monotheist) scholars as well as many CRs and general pagans to be “all One.” Rubbish. It makes it easier to deal with Irish sources to assume such, but ignores how keen Irish sources are on making sure it is understood that there are different individuals described, even if they are in a collective, e.g. the Seven Maines, the three Medbs, etc.

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  2. I really hope you feel better soon. Love all the shrines, especially the one to Njord, Ran, Aegir and Their daughters.


  3. Very beautiful shrines! Thank you for posting them. Also, get well soon! I had the flu twice last year. You have my sympathy.


  4. Certainly hope you get to feeling better, but your shrines look amazing! Sending healing thoughts your way!


  5. Beatiful! I’m honoured that you are using my design as an altar cloth!
    Also get well soon!


  6. What would be the most basic elements of a shrine especially if space and money are limited?


    • When I had very little money and space when I was just staring out I used a foci (doesn’t have to be a statue since those run pricey but an image (such as a photo) or charm of some kind can work as a representative icon of the deity), a vessel for offerings. A luminary (candle, lamp etc), and a small incense burner if you are not allergic are two other things you can add but I have had shrines where I didn’t have these last two. Anything sacred to the deity can be incorporated too.


    • I always think that shrines should be beautiful– we owe our Gods that–and on a budget, that can more easily be accomplished I think, in smaller spaces. I would try to have an image (if not a statue, then even something printed offline and framed or a prayer card or something you’ve created yourself) and a candle at the very least. then i’d see what i could find (pretty paper, fabric, repurposed if necessary, etc.) that you can add to make it pretty.

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      • also, keep in mind, you’re seeing shrines that are not only the result of thirty years of devotion but also involve inherited shrine objects. So this isn’t something that happened all at once. If i ever find a picture of one of my early shrines i’ll post it.

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  7. Such beautiful shrines! I think the addition of the Kharites/Grace is lovely, especially given that an epithet of Apollon is leader of Kharites (likewise the Fates would have also been appropriate as a leader of them as well in another epithet…so either set of three ladies is a great idea 🙂 Including those of his children that are important in your household such as Askelpios is also wonderful. I had Aristaios on his shrine before Amber broke the statue. These shrines are all so great, and I am enjoying seeing Heathen shrines too 😀


    • oh! I did not know He bore that epithet (Leader of the Kharites). How marvelous. 🙂

      My Asklepios is solid bronze. I picked it up in London at a lovely shop “It’s All Greek…” the staff are marvelous and while I think they’ve moved, at the time they were right opposite the British Museum.

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  8. Firstly, may the Healing Powers aid your recovery, may you be warded from complications from sickness. May those who shelter under your roof-tree and your hearth also receive such protections.

    I have trouble with my shrines, they seldom feel right–but I was recently given a most generous gift: two hand-carved statues, male and female, that were once owned by the primary Dis of my ancestral court. I think once I have it in order, the rest will flow.

    I don’t know of anyone else who does this, but I keep a “wayfarer shrine,” a place to set lights, fragrances, and objects that convey welcome, for those Powers Whose influence enters my life for brief time, lesson-givers, Powers that touch my life, but make it clear I am not Theirs, or part of my hearth family. It’s like creating a guest room, a place that They may take a rest.

    And your shrines, even through images, resonate with devotion. It’s humbling and inspiring. Now if I could just stand for more than minutes at a time….


    • those two statues that you’ve been gifted are treasures! To have something from one of your disir…that is a real blessing.

      I often find when in the midst of a pain flare that working a shrine can be difficult. I’ll do it in bits…when I was doing the healing shrine, for instance, i had to do it over a period of a couple of hours. I don’t worry bout that. I do what i can, as much as I can even if it takes me longer than it did a few years ago. 🙂

      I really like the idea of a wayfarer shrine. I don’t think it’s something I’m called to do, but I’m glad someone is doing it.

      thank you also for your prayers. I’m finally on the road, hopefully, to recovery.


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